Examining My Own Actions

I struggle with not sharing my journey at times. Sometimes I feel that I'm inspiring by sharing my journey. Then at times I think I bother some folks by making them feel like I'm judging them that they're not doing enough. Some may feel that I am sharing something negative, that what I do is... Continue Reading →

Get Healthy

Such a vague statement right? This was my goal for 2019. Not much thought got put into it but just the above statement. I figured I would figure it out as I went. Began with a very strict vegan diet for the first two months. That was fun.... Now what? Working out, yay I haven't... Continue Reading →

Influence by Example

We've all heard the term of leading by example but after a few different conversations this past week I toyed with this term. It feels stronger than just leading. Then again words are just that, words. Throughout my career as a leader it has always been common sense to me to be a great example.... Continue Reading →

Big Brother Leadership Approach

I dug everywhere trying to find a leadership style similar to my own. Although I found many golden nuggets I could not find exactly what I was looking for. For lack of any term found, I'm going to call it the Big Brother Leadership approach. Just like it sounds, the style is very much like... Continue Reading →

Failure is a Must

For many years I've been working on me hardcore. I've heard we must fail a heck of a lot before we can succeed. I'm extremely lucky and very positive so I hadn't really gotten in toon with this whole failure thing. Then I began to really look into it. Wow, I've really mastered this whole... Continue Reading →


I loved when I 1st learned this concept many years ago. It is what many people in the east say internally when they bow to you. To me I thought they were all just saying hi. I'm huge in seeing people's greatness in them even if they don't see it in themselves. This concept explains... Continue Reading →

Reach one Teach one

In teaching we learn In coaching others you inevitable hold yourself to a higher standard The big brother concept has died out with the new ages, revive it See the greatness in others even or specially if they don't see it in themselves Reach one Teach one is a term used in mentoring The mentor... Continue Reading →

Finally Done

My new year's resolution has been completed. 60 Days 100% vegan Nothing processed No bread Wow that was as hard as I thought it would be. I feel terrific, all my senses feel heightened. My concentration feels great. I can't lie though, can't wait for some eggs and cheese. My favorite lesson taken in from... Continue Reading →

The Chase

Do we just need something to chase? At one point in my life my dream was to be exactly where I'm at. Have a family, live somewhere nice and be truly happy. Success! However I feel the need for progression and so I have new dreams to chase after. Now my conundrum is, am I... Continue Reading →

Death… The truth

What a subject... At 41 I have dealt with more than my share of death. I've lost my father, grandparents, uncle's, friends, and many had no business leaving so early ... In my opinion. Death is inevitable. We all need to come to terms with this fact. Not to be cliche but we absolutely need... Continue Reading →

Life doesn’t get easier

I hear folks telling others (usually younger) that things get easier. I dare say they don't. I believe we get better at dealing with the situations thrown at us. I believe we set ourselves up in a position where what gets thrown at us doesn't destroy us... Most of the time. To tell our youth... Continue Reading →

Life is a funny thing

Life is a funny thing. Ups downs sideways, simple, complexed, joyous and painful. How we see life makes all the difference. What analogy do you have about life? Life is a game, war, awful, unfair, amazing, beautiful, a gift? Ponder the above... How you speak to yourself is extremely important. I dare say it is... Continue Reading →

This place I found

This place that I have found is amazing. I never thought that I could live in this place. I never knew for certain that I was living in this place, yet not living at all. For the longest time I would wonder if all this beauty and all these fabulous things were always here. It... Continue Reading →


Perception is an important thing in life. Perception might be the very tool one can use to create and destroy life. I think that in life, how you take things in and how you dish things out, make all the difference in the world. Easier said than done, I know but what if we could... Continue Reading →

On Being Happy

I believe that we all simply want to live life to its fullest and enjoy every bit of it. I believe that we all just want to live a happy and good life. So, why don’t we? Why do we get caught up in all the drama that doesn’t matter tomorrow? If it matters tomorrow,... Continue Reading →

Tunnel Vision

Most of my life, I’ve had a friend called, tunnel vision. I say, friend because it’s always had a positive effect on me. Negative by nature since its been mostly in a car. Never in my life would I’ve imagine that it has been a great thing. Once I was blind and now I see.... Continue Reading →


I see that we do not take credit for ourselves. Anytime something happens that we can’t understand, we label it with some entity, most of the time this entity being god. I feel as though when we are in a great conversation, at times we speak straight-out of the heart, sometimes we surprise ourselves with... Continue Reading →

On Changing the World

So do we need to change the world? Can we change the world? How do we change the world? Are we happy with the way the world turns? Does this world need change? In my opinion it needs much changing. I see that we have turmoil, fear, conflict and much prejudice in this world that... Continue Reading →

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