My Values

Work on me

If I don’t work on me I’m not going to be good enough for my children, wife, family or team. Be better than you was yesterday.

All in Mentality

Don’t do anything half ass, not even three quarters in. All in or nothing. Do it to a fault.

Self Talk

The relationship you have with you is the most important relationship you’ll ever have. Learn how best to communicate with you. Personally I communicate with myself best while I’m running, I learn the most from myself then.


Be accountable to yourself. In life many people won’t hold you accountable. Do yourself a favor and hold yourself painfully accountable. Lead by example.

Filter your Conditioning

We’re conditioned animals. Choose your own conditioning. Be wary of what you watch, listen to and read. It can become a part of who you are whether you like it or not.

Leave this Place Better than You Found it

In life I’ve heard many notions about purpose from our destiny already been written to the journey not having a paved road. I keep it simple. Leave that house, that relationship, the coffee shop and your work place better than it was when you got there. If I may reach for the stars here, I would like to leave this earth better than I found it.

Your values play an important role in your life. You may not have a specific destination however you still may need direction.

My values are a sort of a compass in my life.

My values help me navigate through life.

I asked this question to some important people in my life, some gave me an answer and some didn’t.

I got insight and clearity from their answers.

Not sure if I wanted an answer or if I was hoping they got the insight I got from simply asking myself this very important question.

What are your values?

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