Get Healthy

Such a vague statement right? This was my goal for 2019. Not much thought got put into it but just the above statement.

I figured I would figure it out as I went.

Began with a very strict vegan diet for the first two months.

That was fun…. Now what?

Working out, yay I haven’t done that for a very long time and even then, not sure how committed I was to it. So, work out 3 days a week that’d be good. Now what?

Running… Yay, I figured I’m in my 40s so running is probably really good for me. How fun 🤪 so three to five miles a week one mile at a time.

Being that I’ve smoked very heavy for over 20 years, Vaped for the last nine and drank like a fish daily most of my life running was just not fun, not even a little bit.

But hey, get healthy is the goal right? Pushing forward.

Three days in the gym turned into five. Kudos to me 🙃

Fast forward to less than a month ago and my brother who’s life has been very healthy and raised himself in the gym since his teens and he’s been known to run some long distances in his good days (he is almost 6yrs older) gets this great idea (🙄) of asking me to run a half marathon with him in the end of this year…. Well it’s already August my dear brother!

Although I’ve lived a very unhealthy life I have heard that healthy challenges are good for you…. Not fun but good. Ok so I say sure thing let’s do it.

I’m pretty sure I was thinking with my heart and not my brain right? I thought this is a great opportunity to bond with my big brother. Run a 5k 10k and a half marathon will be amazing to do together.

Now thinking with my brain I’m like WTH are you thinking Jimmy? He (my brother) can get up today and run a half marathon. The farthest I’ve ran in my life was 2.45 miles other than that I’ve ran one mile at a time which was a huge achievement since at the beginning of this year I couldn’t run half a mile….

Not to forget that although I’ve changed my life for the better, I’m still vaping and drinking. Well, not anymore. Killed the vape after 9 long years and decided to be a social drinker, I’m pretty sure that’s the ones who don’t drink every day right? Lol I’ve had about 6 drinks in the last month. Huge leap from 6+ drinks a Day!

So I jump on the web and find useful information but absolutely nothing on a huge 6’5″ 250+lbs 42 year old trying to run for the 1st time after such an unhealthy life.

Here I go yay….

I work extremely hard atleast to my standard. I’m no David Goggin’s (my brother reminded me) lol but I have some pretty good working ethic. Everyone seems to be concerned about me over training but honestly, there’s no info on dudes like me running so I feel like I have to train that much harder.

I am happy to say I have completed my first 5k race. I wasn’t last but I wasn’t first 🙂 I didn’t hangout to find out but huge achievement for me. I’ve trained running further as well. This past week I visited my brother and ran four miles with him then two on a different day so that more than covers our 1st 5k together yay. I was Very excited to be able to do this with him.

Later this month we have a 10k schedule and in mid December we have the half marathon scheduled. 🤪

I remember an old song by Alanis Morissette that said “you gotta be a little crazy in order to survive”. Seems like a good excuse to me.

So far I’m doing well in Getting Healthy for 2019.

I’m not usually particularly proud of myself. I’m generally more concerned with being a great example to my kids and those who look up to me but Damn, I really am proud of myself at the moment. Although I am hurting from running seven miles and walking four miles all today at different times.

Get sum! We ain’t too old damn it! Finishing out the year strong.

Can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2020

4 thoughts on “Get Healthy

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  1. So very proud of you two. The love you two share shines and makes me feel that both of you are in a amazing journey. I cannot wait to see what you continue to accomplish for i feel nothing is unreacheable to you. Love you

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  2. Nice post Jimmy. Joining forces in a journey to live a healthier life for us and ours is one of the best endeavors I’ve embarked on. I’m so happy to have spent the last few days with you challenging our bodies while engaging in great fellowship. I’m super proud of you and admire your commitment to achieving this goal. Goals are timely. I hope more than a goal it’s a permanent transformation. Love you, Bro

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