Big Brother Leadership Approach

I dug everywhere trying to find a leadership style similar to my own. Although I found many golden nuggets I could not find exactly what I was looking for.

For lack of any term found, I’m going to call it the Big Brother Leadership approach.

Just like it sounds, the style is very much like a big brother leading a younger sibling.

Accountability is huge in leadership. By leading like a big brother, one is able to hold others painfully accountable yet with all the love and respect in the world. Very much like a big brother, this approach allows you to give strong feedback to another respectfully and yet fully supporting that individual wholeheartedly.

Seeing the greatness in others is another important aspect of leadership, especially in the development area. Any good brother does this, he instinctively sees the potential in his younger sibling. As a leader one has to be able to develop this gift and communicate it in order to motivate and aid in the subject to believing it so.

Positive Outlook needs to be a non-negotiable to a great leader. Knowing the younger sibling will very likely model the big brother’s behavior the leader must be consistent in expressing a positive outlook at all times. Obviously this statement doesn’t mean a great leader can’t be a realist as well as prepare for any possibility of failure. Nevertheless, a positive outlook will help a great leader thrive rather than simply survive.

Being extremely Critical is yet another quality of a great leader. This really comes natural to a big brother. Most younger siblings feel big brothers are constantly picking on them. I’ve always disliked the term about us having to pick our battles. I believe that we must always prioritize, however we must at the very least communicate our feelings on everything we feel is being missed. Hence, it’s all part of the battle. As soon as we pass up the opportunity to speak out on something it will snowball into a much worse issue than if we addressed it half heartedly to begin with.

Prioritizing is just as important as the above and it should be very well balanced. If you don’t set priorities and make them known, those who follow you are likely not to prioritize themselves.

The Truth Cannot Be Told It Can Only Be Experienced. A big brother is full of stories.
Siblings will learn from these experiences as if they experienced them themselves. This is highly important as a leader. The great leaders have failed tremendously and they understand that those they lead are going to take golden nuggets from the leaders. It is important to share experiences with those we lead. These are sort of cheat codes and shortcuts. Doing so will help those one leads avoid unnecessary roadblocks in their journey.

Mentoring is a no brainer in leadership. However, more importantly is the fact you as a leader must make this an immediate goal for those who follow you. In teaching we learn. You’ve probably have heard this. What no one ever tells you is that in mentoring you’re creating an accountability chain for yourself. Because no great leader wants to not walk the talk.

Confidence wins the game. Again one must balance very well since there’s a thin line between confidence and egotism. A great leader must have broad shoulders sort of speak. Take responsibility for your misses but run through every door with absolute confidence. Walk tall and hold your head up high at all times. Confidence will aid in decision making and in overall leadership of any team.

Fairness is my most important advise to any individual so as a leader this to is Extremely Critical. One must be fair to ones family, self, peers, following and employer. Today’s decision might be right today but not for tomorrow. We mustn’t marry any certain way of approaching a problem. We must remain fair at all times and be nimble enough to switch it up the next time and that’s ok. Remember, you have broad shoulders. You got this.

Above all, Be A Great Example. Work harder than most if not all. Be hungry and willing to go all in at what you’re doing. I careless if you’ve reached the level you wanted, you have a responsibility to those who follow you. Show them the way, don’t just tell them. Walk The Talk. Too often bosses talk a good if not great game but they can’t play worth a damn. One gets a lot of buy in from those that see you do the job better than most. Effort is Queen and execution is King. Do the work.

Cheers, Lead Responsibly

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