On Changing the World

So do we need to change the world? Can we change the world? How do we change the world?

Are we happy with the way the world turns? Does this world need change? In my opinion it needs much changing. I see that we have turmoil, fear, conflict and much prejudice in this world that should not be here. I see wars that need to stop. Many people actually believe that wars are inevitable and that they are actually necessary. I am not sorry for saying this, but that is all a crock of… well, you know what I mean.

We see that violence and conflict are an absolute wrong, yet we justify our ways of using them because it is the only way we know. I cannot agree with this. All labels such as government, religion, territories, black, white, purple, green, all those label are like profanity to me. Who said this is our part of the world and that is your part of the world? This is one world. Harmony is key. Living justly is key. Love is key. Sharing is key. So why live against all of these?

Do you believe you can change the world? I do! If you answered no, then may I ask you why? Do you not think you are not smart enough? Take a look at Moses, Abraham, Jesus, Martin Luther King, Elvis, Gandhi, Fidel Castro, Bush, and Hitler. I can go on for ever. So were they smarter, bigger, and stronger? Most of them didn’t even have anything tangible to even go on. Many of them were extremely ignorant. Yet many of us believe we can’t change the world. Give yourself a bit of credit please.

So how do we change the world? Do we take a side? Yet another separation? Do we join a group that starts out to help others? We already know that greed will eventually take over and make any group base themselves on monetary issues and eventually try to be the biggest and wealthier one. Then what? Do we isolate ourselves from everyone else and create even more separation? Separation entails conflict, prejudice, and on and on.

Do we join a religion, a government party, a cult, an organization? Separation once again? Isolation once again? How can you change the world?

So long as our minds remain in the same train of thought that we have, we will never change the world in a positive manner. Now this is the master key right here! First we must change ourselves in order to change the world. We must change our minds, a total revolution or our minds. We acknowledge that we have motivations and actions that we don’t even want in our own minds. Most of us simply live with them as if we have no choice. Our minds have been trained unconsciously to work this way for thousands of years. No surprise why we have just decided to live with them.

Bottom line is that we must change, change is sweet. Then we can work on changing the world. How? By changing ourselves we will learn. We will become aware of what it is that we must not do. We will not achieve an answer, for an answer is not known, but in the process of trying to achieve an answer we will learn, learning is key.
Now, for my opinion on changing this world.

Once we truly see and we become aware of the negatives we use to try to change the world with, then we can work on sharing our learning experience with others, so they too can change their minds. Then and only then can anything be done to change this world.

I don’t believe I know, for I would be a fool by saying I know, because I have not reached an answer and I may never reach one. All I can do is share in harmony what I have seen and learned along the way. I have made a complete revolution of my mind. When I sit and talk with others, they too… at times change their minds. This I believe is slowly changing the world, for I live among these people and as they question like I question, they too begin to change the world. Like a domino effect this continues for ever.

This is my opinion, not an answer. If you have a better way, please share it with me for I see and know this world should not continue the path in which it has taken. When I was younger I didn’t care, I rebelled because inside I knew it was all a mess out there. But my thoughts were to join the circus as everyone else and die. Once I had a son, I realized I must do something to change the world. The world which surrounds me is the start of it all, from here people move, travel, and spread the love with others and so on…

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