On Being Happy

I believe that we all simply want to live life to its fullest and enjoy every bit of it. I believe that we all just want to live a happy and good life. So, why don’t we? Why do we get caught up in all the drama that doesn’t matter tomorrow? If it matters tomorrow, why do we get caught up in the drama today? What does it take to live a happy and good life?

Why don’t we live a happy life?

I believe that we don’t live a happy life, because we don’t act out the part. If you haven’t had a happy life, then obviously you must do something new. If you want something you never had, then you must DO something you never done.

Why do we get caught up in all the drama that doesn’t matter tomorrow?

How many times have you complained about having to work tomorrow? Does that mean that tomorrow you won’t complain? Why do we reproduce our suffering to a point where we become stressed? Are you going to work tomorrow? Then deal with it… preferably try to make the best out of it. If you spend so much time at work, why not try and make the experience a bit enjoyable? Same goes in your personal life. If your significant other did or say something that bothered you, deal with it then, don’t continue to relive and rekindle the experience. At least, if you are going to complain about something and you must simply get something of your chest, then by all means do so, just don’t go to every single person and reproduce the suffering. Remember, moods are contagious, if you dropped a load on one person, then let that person be the only one. We are the only animals that pay for our mistakes over and over and over again… Learn from situations and experiences, don’t dread on them. If the core issue is that things like that shouldn’t happen, then deal with that and fix it. Act out the life you want to live and it will be you. Today you are extremely different than 20 years ago, yet you are exactly the same. Behaviors change based on our conditioning. Control and use your own conditioning effectively. That’s all it takes.

What does it take to live a happy and good life?

I think that in order for us to live a happy life, we must lead a happy life. I constantly use a well known quote, “fake it till you make it”. Some believe that life is nothing but a play, I can see the reasoning in this when I look back at my life and all I seem to see is clips of a TV series. I think that if we must lead a happy life, we must first act happy. Happiness is the peak of good feelings. Happiness changes perception. While happy, good decisions are usually made. So why don’t we lead a happy life? I lead a happy life. At times I feel as though I am simply acting out the happiness. Yet, before I realize… I really am happy. “Fake it till you make it”.

In order to live a good life, lead a good life. What’s good to you? There are core elements of our being that enables us to know what is good and what is not. If you are like me, I know more of what things aren’t good, rather than what is good. Regardless, once you open your eyes and realize that norms don’t matter, because you know what is good, then you can begin to lead a good life. From the awakening moment, action was conceived; and that’s all that matters.

Every well-known great person in this world had a vision of what could be. By having a vision, one is seeing something not yet present. Yet, the “fake” picture creates the real picture. It seems to me that when we focus enough on creating something, we simply, yet complexly create IT. Of coarse we must be committed, for a job half way done, is not a job done at all.

Although I rather not fake anything, it seems to me that our version of “faking” something, in actuality is acting out something. As we all know, actions are what make us. Actions derived out of ourselves, is what perception we design. Actions are the cause for the most memorable times or clips in our lives. If we must fake something, in order to achieve something, then you might be on to something. I think I am on to something.

All people want to do is live… live a good life…. Live a happy life….


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