I see that we do not take credit for ourselves. Anytime something happens that we can’t understand, we label it with some entity, most of the time this entity being god. I feel as though when we are in a great conversation, at times we speak straight-out of the heart, sometimes we surprise ourselves with the knowledge or the depth that we speak.

Unfortunately these are small glimpses of the real, life, truth.
Can you sit and have a conversation with someone, without a wall, without wanting to
agree or disagree, without trying to prove anything right or wrong, without speaking as thought you understand the past as law… any of it?

Do we have all we need to live life to it fullest? What is living life to its fullest? Ponder this please, find an answer or view that comes from you… not how “it’s supposed to be”, not how someone or a group told you. Find the essence within yourself to look into what is living to its fullest.

Was our rebellion as youngsters the last time we had any bravery to be aware that life as we know it, is not living? Do we simply adapt to “life” as we know it? Children grow, they change. The most beautiful flower grows, it changes. The sky, the sea, the most beautiful things in this world grow, they change. To grow is to change.

What is the most beautiful sight you ever seen? Was it “good”? Look at the sea, or the sky, the forest, are these not some of the most beautiful sights you ever seen? To me they are. Can I say any of these are good? Can you? They are gorgeous, yet they can be the worst sites ever, have you ever seen a tsunami, been through a hurricane, seen an animal tearing the life out of another animal, even a man? These places are not controlled by men, even though human kind seems to try to control them.
Nature and all its beauty, is a glimpse of real, true, life. They are not good. They are not bad. There is a certain balance within nature, a certain harmony which creates sweet imperfection. The beauty of it is always there. We are the ones who choose not to see, not to be aware that the beauty is there. Look at the lake. See its beauty. Not the man made, “perfectly” symmetrical lake.

Beauty is not symmetrical. Not the true beauty, the true life that I am speaking of.
Only we make things “perfectly” symmetrical. We seem to believe that there is this kind of “perfection”, this thing that says, this is good, this is bad, this is nice, that is not. We, or better yet, I struggle with this concept of right and wrong, many moments within my day. This is not living. We make symmetry the good, yet when we look at the most beautiful art pieces, or sights in this world, and beyond, none of them are “perfect” to any level of what we see as perfect. Many times our “perfection” has been derived out of someone else’s description, hence, the “lost in translation” concept.

The word perfect is not correct. If anything, I see perfect, as the most sweet imperfection.
Can we simply see life for what it is? Is this so hard? If you feel that you must have much outside knowledge or if you think life is a concept, then you are not seeing life for what it is.

We have experiences in life and we have memories.

Memory is the ability of an organism to store, retain, and subsequently recall information. (Wikipedia)

Experience as a general concept comprises knowledge of or skill in or observation of some thing or some event gained through involvement in or exposure to that thing or event. (Wikipedia)

As you can imagine, our minds play tricks on us from time to time and confuse our memories with our experiences. Our memory could have been filled with nonsense from day one, only our experiences can change that. Yet many of us retain our tainted memory, just because it’s easier than to admit they might have been wrong.
This is why we have experience, this is why we must struggle, and this is where we must become brave enough to face anything in the mists of adversity, instead of leaning on that not so friendly associate, memory.

What are we afraid of? That it will never be the same? You’re right! It will never be the same if you are living.

Change is sweet. Change is inevitable. Change is LIFE.

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