Everyday Wisdom

1. Be fair - be fair to yourself, your family, peers, supervisors, etc. If you focus on being fair, you'll generally make the best decision available. Some decisions are not set in stone, they change depending on circumstances therefore remain fair to make the best decision. 2. Earn everything - anything you work hard for,... Continue Reading →


According to Oxford Dictionary it is bitter indignation at having been treated unfairly.Very likely up there with carrying hate and anger. One must try at all cost to avoid this feeling. Unlike pain and fear, resentment has zero positive effects on the front or back end. It's is very similar to stress, it just eats... Continue Reading →

Atom’s Journey

Having children is one of the most enlightened experiences one can have. In teaching we learn and sometimes we even surprise ourselves in explaining certain aspects of life. Many years ago I was teaching my oldest as a child how easy beliefs are made up, specifically religious beginnings. So like all the great teachers before... Continue Reading →

Whose Fanning your flame?

If you're out there trying to become the best version of yourself possible, it is likely that you seem like an obsessed person. Good! That means you're not settling for the norms and that you're passionate about your goal and desire to achieve success in your life. When we're competing in a team sport or... Continue Reading →

Food for Thought

Push through the challenges in life Put your head down and run further than you think possible in every situation Life isn't always easy, it's never been meant to be easy, it just is You need to spend a lot of time by yourself in order to make sense out of the internal constant noise,... Continue Reading →

Another Failure

I know that's a heck of a title. I'm a big believer in the saying by Norman Vincent Peale — 'Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.' I have a reputation for setting some very high goals. Usually personal goals so if I fail they don't hurt anyone else.... Continue Reading →

How do I get motivated?

Most of the nuggets of wisdom that I come in contact with are usually from self talk. After a busy days worth of work and frustrations I asked myself the question, How do I get myself motivated? Then I realize that I'm asking the wrong question. The right question is, how do I build the... Continue Reading →

Practice is Perfect

Too many of us expect to tweak our normal routine and immediately see results. The truth is that most of the time we won't see results for quite a while. All my life I've heard, practice makes perfect. Yet again this is one of those erroneous beliefs we must unlearn. Many years ago I identified... Continue Reading →

To Fear or not to Fear

I've read and heard this quote a million times and yet, I just don't agree with it. I fear failure, maybe because I'm still in the game of life and not just talking about the past. I say, be fearful, be scared shitless of failing. It keeps you on your feet. Keeps your heart pumping.... Continue Reading →

I Raised My Standards

Ones upon a time I had a huge void within. This void attracted anything and everything without judgement, without prescreening, and without any requirements. I wholeheartedly believe that many people have had this exact feeling at some point or another and quite possibly still feeling it. Through this time in my life I needed "friends"... Continue Reading →

Physical, mental and emotional pain

We often run away from anything painful. We usually avoid emotional, physical and mental pain. We seek out comfort. Although for safety reasons that all makes sense, when we study the great folks who have achieved great success and wisdom they usually have something in common. They went through a great deal of emotional, mental... Continue Reading →

Patience or effort?

Nobody wants to live with regrets. However we often refrain from taking chances that could lead us to a brighter tomorrow. We too often make excuses for ourselves with, "well I might have not met such and such or had my kids, etc." What if the truth is that you could've optimized your life and... Continue Reading →

Mondays vs Fridays

Why are we always looking forward to the weekend? Why do we embrace the day of rest with no plans in place? Why don't we enjoy Mondays? Why are we reving up for Friday on hump day (Wednesday)? I think we really need to reflect on those questions. Unless you're planning on going on a... Continue Reading →


I know of no one like me. I don't know anyone with an optimistic attitude like mine. I don't know anyone with a drive like mine. I don't know anyone with my commitment. I don't know anyone who holds themselves accountable like I do. I don't know anyone whose trained their self talk like I... Continue Reading →

My little place for Self Talk

Been working on me for a very long time. Attempting to become the best version of myself. Currently at a solid 2.5 out of 10 in arriving at my best version. Definitely an amateur, a student, a white belt. Nevertheless, eagerly and actively learning and absorbing everything I can that helps me in the journey... Continue Reading →

Examining My Own Actions

I struggle with not sharing my journey at times. Sometimes I feel that I'm inspiring by sharing my journey. Then at times I think I bother some folks by making them feel like I'm judging them that they're not doing enough. Some may feel that I am sharing something negative, that what I do is... Continue Reading →

Change your life

What if I told you the formula for changing your life was simple and easy? What if I told you that you can begin changing your life within minutes? What if I told you that you can begin pealing back the layers of negativity and lies away immediately? All of the above is true. What... Continue Reading →

My Values

Work on me If I don't work on me I'm not going to be good enough for my children, wife, family or team. Be better than you was yesterday. All in Mentality Don't do anything half ass, not even three quarters in. All in or nothing. Do it to a fault. Self Talk The relationship... Continue Reading →

Pick and choose your battles

One day I realized that I was using that statement to create excuses. They're ALL my battles! Prioritize your battles. Organize them in such a way that by fighting certain battles first, you'll eliminate other battles. When we hear "pick and choose your battles!", Something rings true. Nevertheless, it is usually used to cop out... Continue Reading →


Throughout the years I've realized that to empower others is extremely important. Definitely a lesson I learned well into my leadership career. One thing I learned a long time ago probably by way of examples was to take full on control of a situation, own it, make it your own, begin to build it and... Continue Reading →

The Heart’s Alternator

Growing up in this world isn't exactly easy. However, our mind is so great that we adapted to our environment in order to survive. This process is done mostly without our assistance, like an auto pilot. So we can assume that for the better part of 25 years many if not most of us operate... Continue Reading →


Motivation is nothing more than a little boost in a long race. What's better than motivation is discipline and consistency. Be determined to work hard every day without fail. I promise you, you will not always be motivated. But you can make sure to be action based and all about executing. Plans, talks and day... Continue Reading →

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